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The owners of our company has been engaged in timber industry for more than 10 years.

Based on national and international business relations, market and professional experiences, they founded the company near the industrial area of Szeged. The company today has a 900 m2 large joiner’s shop connected with supplemental halls and a vehicle park. It is one of the best timber industrial companies in the south Great Hungarian Plain region.

„Principles of our business policy:

Quality and trustworthiness

Cleaner production”

Our products are characterized by modern design and excellent quality. We manufacture a large variety of porcelaine and artifical marble washbasins with unique needs. Thanks to the Italian SAYERLACK surface treatment materials our bathroom furnitures has strong water and vapour resistance. We can make our rustic furnitures from any wood, even from apple trees. With a 3 dimensional design we help our customers to choose a form and color to their liking. We deliver and construct our furnitures if needed. Our products are made from the best quality materials. During the production we intensively pay attention to the materials we choose, to their more effective utilization and to the taking out of dangerous and poisonous materials. Because of this we surface treat our furnitures with environmental friendly materials (for example with water base paint).

Our work fields include: the interior decoration of hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and private homes. Manufacturing of bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, office and unqiue furnitures. Since 2005 we have extended our supplies with furnitures made of bamboo.

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Private home I. Szeged – Interior decoration, woodwork, small furnitures, bathroom furnitures

Private home II. Szeged- Interior decoration, woodwork, small furnitures, bathroom furnitures

Blueseum restaurant & pub Újszeged - Interior decoration, woodwork, toilet

Hairdressing sallon & cosmetics – Under construction (fejlesztés alatt)

Law office – Under construction

Photo studio – Under construction



 6728 Szeged, Külterület 4.

Office: 30-475-4967
Administrator: 30-475-0963
Accountancy: 30-469-6334


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